nickel alloys-pulp-paper


Stainless steels and nickel alloys are used in Pulp and Pater industry to avoid iron contamination of the product and to resist process corrosion. 304L and 316L are the two most commonly used stainless steel alloys, with the 6% Moly super-austenitics used primarily in the bleach plant, and an increasing use of various duplex stainless steels in kraft liquor applications. NHY Metals is a globle supplier of nickel alloys to Pulp and Paper industry, our production lines include pipe, forgings and plate for serve our clients better.


Fowlloing are some cases regarding nickel alloys:


● Alloy 600 can be made as equipment for handling abietic acid in the manufacture of paper pulp.


● Alloy 625 and Alloy 825 can be made as equipments used to clean off gas from the recovery boiler.


● Alloy C-276 is the excellent choices for bleaching vessel and digester materials.