nickel alloys for oil and gas


Nickel-base alloys have come into prominence in the oil and gas industry because of the need to go to greater depths to find oil and natural gas. Most of the nickel-based alloys are used as downhole components (tubing, casing,valves). Nickel alloys are also the safe choice for the development of oil and gas reserves that contain hydrogen sulphide. In many cases, these development projects are in remote parts of the world and are therefore automated to the extent that they operate largely without personnel. Nickel alloys provide the reliability that is essential for these types of projects.


● Alloy 718 has high strength and high corrosion reistance, can be made to components for oil and gas extraction.


● Alloy 625 filler wires can be used for cladding for well heads and so called “Christmas trees” (assemblies of valves, spools and fittings for oil wells). It provide cost-effective corrosion resistance wherever needed.


● Invar 36 can elliminate thermal stress in pipelines and hoses which carrying liquefied natural gas.


NHY Metals is a globle supplier of nickel alloys used in the toughest downhole and offshore applications. Our products form includes wire, strip, plate, pipe, forgings and so on.