chemical processing


A wide range of service environments are found in the chemical processing industries ranging from water to strong acids or bases or a multitude of organic compounds at temperatures from ambient to 2300 o F (1260 oC). Stainless steels are used for a large percentage of these applications. A wide range of corrosion-resistant alloys used in chemical processing industries for making equipments exposed to highly corrosive environments, high pressures and temperatures in vessels, tanks, valves, pumps, compressors, agitators, etc.NHY Metals has a broad line of nickel alloy grades in different forms for the variety of service conditions present in the chemical processing industry.


● Alloy B-3 exhibits extremely high resistance to pure hydrochloric, hydrobromic, and sulfuric acids. Furthermore, it has greatly improved structural stability compared with previous B-type alloys.


● Alloy C-4 alloy is well known for their resistance to many aggressive chemicals, in particular hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, and chlorides.


● Alloy C-276 alloy is widely accepted in the chemical process and associated industries, and now has a 50-year-old track record of proven performance in a vast number of corrosive chemicals.


● Alloy 625 is a nickel-base alloy used both for its high strength and outstanding aqueous corrosion resistance, such as chemical process equipment handling mixed acids which is oxidizing and reducing.